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House Of Indonesia

Indonesia Community Centre (ICC) for culture, business and networking in Singapore.

To deepen the bonding and integration between Indonesian community, Singaporeans and residents from various nationalities.

Pandemic shows Indonesia diaspora in Singapore must be more united with the spirit of “Gotong Royong” to support each other. With an estimated number for Indonesian diaspora in Singapore around 250.000 people, there is a need for a community center that holds them together.

There is also a need to have a permanent place for affordable exhibition and showcase for SMEs business and networking.

Art, music, food, and culture will be our instrument to unite and bond Indonesian people in Singapore.

This center will also provide coaching and training to SMEs from Indonesia to the next level.

Planting with Purpose (PwP)

Our common investment and efforts to restore and preserve our living environment by planting trees.

Planting with Purpose (PwP) is a platform where everyone can easily participate in our proposed tree planting program towards environmental sustainability in minimizing effects of climate change through reforestation.

You can present a meaningful and unique gift to yourself, friends or families and at the same time to improve the current living environments for our next generation.

Our gift for the nature.

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