House Of Indonesia


Indonesia Community Centre (ICC) for culture, business, and networking in singapore

Our Objectives

One “IndoSG-Connect” for Indonesia Community in Singapore for Business, Networking and Cultural Exchange.

One “Contact Point” for Indonesian SMEs, help with defining their  products portfolio, develop strategic partnership for Sales, especially due to Covid 19/ travel restrictions

Follow up with “One-Off” Exhibition to increase effectiveness.

Hybrid Marketing/Sales of UMKM products to reduce cost

To promote Products & Culinary from Indonesian SMEs to Global Market through “House of Indonesia”

Kampoeng Indonesia will give the authentic Indonesian experience to whomever comes to the location.

Kampoeng Indonesia Concept 3

House of Indonesia Concept

  • Periodic showcases of the member’s businesses
  • Regular businesses events (networking, coaching, training, seminar, meeting, table talk and sales pitching).
  • Cloud Kitchen Showcase, open PO and Dropshipping.
  • Art gallery consignment based in the walls of our platform.
  • Warung Kopi Cafe – Indonesia Coffee – Snacks – Food Consignments.
  • Service Event Venue & Product Consignments.
  • Marketing and Event Promotion.
  • Temporary and Permanent Exhibition (multi function event – hybrid, online or offline).
  • Business exchange or student workshop.

Our Immediate Goals

  • To become the Global Hub to promote Indonesian Unique Food, Eco Friendly/Biodegradable Products and Tourism (digital), especially from Indonesian SMEs
  • To assist Indonesian SMEs to market their products
  • Share experiences among Indonesian Enterprises
  • Working together towards sustainability & continuity
  • Building social network, giving back to community, through education, training, leadership, and coaching.

Kampoeng Indonesia Objectives

  • To offer major authentic/unique Indonesian food and food products as “Show Case for Global Market”
  • To provide physical & digital platform “Sales/Marketing Forum” for sharing best practices/experiences.
  • To build sustainable network for Indonesian SME’s to grow globally, improve entrepreneurship, living standard.

Kampoeng Indonesia Concept

Fundraising Opportunity




Names be placed inside of House Of Indonesia
50% Discount for handling fees
6 months coaching for sponsor's UMKM




Names be placed at Main Gate of House Of Indonesia
months of support for sponsor's UMKM Export effort
1 year coaching for sponsor's UMKM




Become Member of supervisory board
Names be placed at top position of House Of Indonesia
1 year of support for sponsor's UMKM Export effort
1 year coaching for sponsor's UMKM

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