Next Generation Eco
Friendly & Biodegradable Products


an investment to restore and preserve our living environment

What is NexBioPro?

NexBioPro is an initiative to promote new eco friendly and biodegradable products for our next generation.

We aim to preserve natural resources, preserve the food chain, and promote products that have a less impact to the environment.


What Does Eco Friendly & Biodegradable Mean?

Biodegradable points to a product breaking down into natural elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor by organisms like bacteria and fungi. Most products will take hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade.

Some biodegradable products might not be eco-friendly. For example, biodegradable products made out of cassava is one of them. Cassava, an edible tuberous root often made into flour, contains cyanogenic glycosides, which can result in fatal cyanide poisoning if not properly detoxified. We aim to provide products that is certified to be 100% eco friendly and biodegradable.

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