One of the toughest challenges for a lot of people is to express themselves, share ideas and connect with others. Stuff like this becomes increasingly difficult without the right amount of communication. That’s why we need to develop a sense of community, start networking and develop partnerships. That’s where something like the House of Indonesia comes into play. This interesting Indonesian community center for business, culture and networking can help bring in great results.

What is House of Indonesia?

The House of Indonesia is designed to help the Indonesia community in Singapore to perform a cultural exchange, connect regarding tourism, travel, food or culture, while also expanding their beliefs and ideas. The main focus for the House of Indonesia is to help people from the Indonesia community in the town to not only define their portfolio, but also help create great partnerships. That alone can help grow the community, push the limits and truly take the process to new heights in an appropriate manner all the time.

What opportunities are brought by House Of Indonesia?

The main purpose behind the House of Indonesia project is to create a global hub which promotes products from Indonesia. In the long run, Kampoeng Indonesia is set to become the hub to be which showcases tourism, eco friendly products and food coming from the country. It also covers some of the top, premier Indonesian SMEs that start to work outside of the country as well.

Additionally, this is a place to bring in more networking opportunities and a way to really showcase the power and value of this incredible range of opportunities. You can add to that the fact that it can help bring back to the community. House of Indonesia is a great place for coaching, leadership, education and training. It really pushes the limits and experience, with results being downright incredible every time.

House of Indonesia is also a place that encourages continuity and sustainability. It wants to spread the Indonesian culture worldwide, while also encouraging people to try out food and other products from the country. It also focuses on ideas like fundraising and supporting great concepts that can become very lucrative in the long run. It’s also an incredible way to share experiences among the Indonesian enterprises, connect with each other and learn from concepts, ideas and other solutions.


House of Indonesia is a great concept that really helps bring in the Indonesian SMEs together and show off their expertise and tools. It’s an amazing way for Indonesian businesses to expand and thrive, while also pushing the limits and taking the process to the next level. We are firm believers that the House of Indonesia can become the primary outlet through which people get to learn more about the country and its incredible benefits. This also offers Indonesian SMEs a way to expand, while also bringing in a great digital and physical platform through which customers can access incredible, genuine Indonesian products!