Planting with Purpose


our common Investment and efforts to restore and preserve our living environment.

What is Planting with Purpose (PwP)?

The platform is easy and simple for all of you to access.

We have selected some locations for your personal choice with a certain type of trees to be planted, why those trees along with estimated carbon credit for each type of trees.

For all trees planted in our proposed areas, we will provide an E-Certificate with a QR code, indicating the location, type of trees, estimated carbon credit per year and benefits for local community.

Let us move and change together our giving mindset to our loved ones, family, corporations and friends by Planting with Purpose.

Why Planting with Purpose (PwP)?

  • Participate in global movement to minimize Climate Change and Green House Gas Emission
  • Reclaim Carbon Capture thru Rejuvenating Native Forest and habitat
  • Improve our living environment for future generation
  • Support education for the people living in remote areas
  • For a better biocapacity and healthier environment  which will benefit not only the current generation, but most importantly for our future generations.
  • Better air quality, more water catchment capability, and prevent soil erosion.
  • Minimizing the impact of climate change.
  • Improve the living standard of the community by creating more jobs/revenue especially for farmers in the remote areas.


By planting more than a half trillion trees, we could capture about 205 gigatons of carbon, reducing atmospheric carbon by about 25 percent.*


Helping you to plant to help others, restore, and preserve our living environment

How to participate:

1. Choose location and type of trees.

2. Placing order using our platform.

3. Make payment via Payment Service Provider.

4. Confirmation of order and payment.

5. E-Certificate with location, images, and carbon credit contribution within two days.


Securing land permission for planting

Site planning and inventory

Local community training

Plantation maintenance

Planting with Purpose E-Certificate

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