Description: Tigi, West Tigi

Address: Deiyai, West Papua

Types of Trees:

  • Kasuari (Casuarinaceae)
  • Cemara (Casuarina)

Latitude: -4.084750126349346

Longitude: 136.20851211549498

Why Here:
Wood Tree
Duration: 6 years to maturity
How the trees manage after cutting period? Periodic replanting is managed to sustain and maintain.
Estimated carbon credit per 100 trees planted: 0.5 to 1 tons of CO2

Benefits for local community:
Wood Tree
Benefit: Casuarina is a fast growing trees in agroforestry where the wood is harvested for source of income for the local community. Hardy plants that can grow in the coastal area, help erosion control and coastal windbreaker. It’s nuts attracts birds and wild life.

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