Deforestation has brought in significant damage to our planet, to the point where not only thousands of animal species have vanished, but entire biomes are not available anymore. Which is why we need to do everything in our power to start planting with purpose and recreate those important biomes and allow plants and animals to live adequately, while also protecting our planet.

Why is biodiversity important?

Biodiversity is crucial for our planet because every plant and animal have their own role. Having a multitude of animal species is crucial because every living organism helps create the biomes that add up to establish this amazing planet. We need everything from microbes to mammals and small plants, because they are the ones behind every ecosystem and its own power.

Around 40% of the world economy needs and 80% of the poor population needs are fulfilled by either biological or environmental needs. We require biodiversity in order to fulfill our needs, so reforestation and taking better care of our planet is very important. You might think that planting some trees might not make a difference, but it absolutely does, and in the end, results can indeed be second to none.

Can reforestation save plants and animals?

Absolutely, because planting trees can actually create new ecosystems where plants and animals are able to flourish. It’s extremely important to protect and assist these environments, because in doing so, we are actively making a difference and we focus on protecting animals/plants that would otherwise not have a place to live.

Aside from that, reforestation helps fulfill human needs, medical requirements, mining, agricultural needs and so on. Forests are the epitome of importance when it comes to the ecosystem, and if we plant with purpose, we get to see and enjoy all those benefits in no time. That’s what makes this such an incredible approach and experience that we do not want to miss at all.

Reducing global warming

One of the reasons why we are dealing with global warming is because we cut a lot of forests. Yes, forests can actually help lower global warming by decreasing the amount of toxic gasses released in nature. They are known to be a carbon sink and they remove greenhouse gasses from the air. In addition, trees can also be used for the paper and wood product industry.

One thing is certain, if we start planting with purpose today, we will have a much better tomorrow. That doesn’t mean it will be simple, but once we start focusing on our planet and its wellbeing, only great results will appear. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, it takes time to start planting and seeing results. But this has a major benefit for biodiversity and it helps the ecosystem in ways you would never imagine. We encourage you start protecting our planet, shifting your lifestyle to a more eco-friendly one and also focus on planting trees, because they can make a huge difference for our society in the decades to come!